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List of symfony CLI commands


php symfony list
  symfony [options] task_name [arguments]

  --help        -H  Display this help message.
  --quiet       -q  Do not log messages to standard output.
  --trace       -t  Turn on invoke/execute tracing, enable full backtrace.
  --version     -V  Display the program version.
  --color           Forces ANSI color output.
  --xml             To output help as XML

Available tasks:
  :help                        Displays help for a task
  :list                        Lists tasks
  :routes                      Displays current routes for an application
  :clear                       Clears the cache (cc)
  :author                      Configure project author
  :database                    Configure database DSN
  :build                       Generate code based on your schema
  :build-db                    Creates database for current model (doctrine:create-db)
  :build-filters               Creates filter form classes for the current model
  :build-forms                 Creates form classes for the current model
  :build-model                 Creates classes for the current model
  :build-schema                Creates a schema from an existing database
  :build-sql                   Creates SQL for the current model
  :clean-model-files           Delete all generated model classes for models which no longer exist in your YAML schema (doctrine:clean)
  :create-model-tables         Drop and recreate tables for specified models.
  :data-dump                   Dumps data to the fixtures directory
  :data-load                   Loads YAML fixture data
  :delete-model-files          Delete all the related auto generated files for a given model name.
  :dql                         Execute a DQL query and view the results
  :drop-db                     Drops database for current model
  :generate-admin              Generates a Doctrine admin module
  :generate-migration          Generate migration class
  :generate-migrations-db      Generate migration classes from existing database connections
  :generate-migrations-diff    Generate migration classes by producing a diff between your old and new schema.
  :generate-migrations-models  Generate migration classes from an existing set of models
  :generate-module             Generates a Doctrine module
  :generate-module-for-route   Generates a Doctrine module for a route definition
  :insert-sql                  Inserts SQL for current model
  :migrate                     Migrates database to current/specified version
  :app                         Generates a new application
  :module                      Generates a new module
  :project                     Generates a new project
  :task                        Creates a skeleton class for a new task
  :add-group                   Adds a group to a user
  :add-permission              Adds a permission to a user
  :change-password             Changes the password of the user
  :create-user                 Creates a user
  :promote                     Promotes a user as a super administrator
  :extract                     Extracts i18n strings from php files
  :find                        Finds non "i18n ready" strings in an application
  :clear                       Clears log files
  :rotate                      Rotates an application's log files
  :add-channel                 Add a new PEAR channel
  :install                     Installs a plugin
  :list                        Lists installed plugins
  :publish-assets              Publishes web assets for all plugins
  :uninstall                   Uninstalls a plugin
  :upgrade                     Upgrades a plugin
  :clear-controllers           Clears all non production environment controllers
  :deploy                      Deploys a project to another server
  :disable                     Disables an application in a given environment
  :enable                      Enables an application in a given environment
  :optimize                    Optimizes a project for better performance
  :permissions                 Fixes symfony directory permissions
  :send-emails                 Sends emails stored in a queue
  :validate                    Finds deprecated usage in a project
  :test                        Launches the symfony test suite
  :all                         Launches all tests
  :coverage                    Outputs test code coverage
  :functional                  Launches functional tests
  :unit                        Launches unit tests

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