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What is it?

PyShoutcast is an online radio crawler on Created in python, it should be able to retrieve radio infos without going to the website in a browser a clicking several times 'Show more' button. Of course, visiting has its advantages, so look at this script as pythonic fun ;)

How can I get it?

You can grab version 0.4 from here

How do I install?

From the source:

python install

or just run it directly as any other script:


How to use it?

Main Help

Usage: [OPTIONS]
A python based crawler for
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -m, --list-main-genres
                        List main available genres
  -s main_genre_id, --list-secondary-genres=main_genre_id
                        List secondary genres under a main one. Provide the
                        genre id or the name for it.
  -g genre_name, --get-radio=genre_name
                        Get the radios under a genre name.
  -e, --export          Exports the result to a csv file (Available only for

  • grab main sections

Main Sections

$ python -m

  • grab the subsections for a main one using main id or main name

Using main id or main name

$ python -s 265 
$ python -s 'Seasonal/Holiday'

  • finally, get some radio info

Getting info

$ python -g Smooth Jazz

  • to export the results from -g option in a csv file (put in the exports folder)

Add -e option

$ python -g Smooth Jazz -e


Exported file
 Get Main sections

 Get with export to csv file
 Get Secondary sections

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