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How to use use_dynamic_javascript() helper in symfony


Or in other words, how to include php into javascript files in symfony. This is one of the things I banged my head against the wall for days, and then discovered that symfony made it as simple as possible :)

Q: First, what use_dynamic_javascript() does? A: It adds a dynamic javascript to the response object.
Q: Why we need this? A: Read on…

Assume we have a javascript file with the following code in it (or similar, all that matters are php functions - here url_for helper):

var a = <?php echo url_for('@homepage');?>;

1. Include the route for this javascript in the template of choice

in your template file, for example templates/somethingSuccess.php

<?php use_dynamic_javascript("@testjavascript"); ?>
... more code...

2. Create the route

in routing.yml file, create the new route for it (example module is yourmodule and action testjs):

    url: /yourmodule/testjs
    param: { module: yourmodule, action: testjs }

3. Create the action

in actions.class.php for that module ( actions/actions.class.php ), create an empty function for the route previously created:

class yourmoduleActions extends sfActions {
    ... more code...
    public function executeTestjs() {}

4. Create in fact the javascript file

This is a javascript file, but with php extension. It should be in templates/ directory and it should have the following name: testjsSuccess.js.php (it should match the action executeTestjs(), ok?)

var a = <?php echo url_for('@homepage');?>;

Do a php symfony cc to avoid some headaches, and then refresh/call the action what will activate the template (somethingSuccess.php) which includes the javascript call. The call will look like


5. And there's even more! Quicker and simpler way to do it!

Asumming that you have the same templates/somethingSuccess.php, modify the call for javascript from:

<?php use_dynamic_javascript("@testjavascript"); ?>
<?php use_dynamic_javascript("@testtemplate"); ?>

and in routing.yml

    url: /yourmodule/something.:sf_format
    param: { module: yourmodule, action: something, sf_format: html }
        sf_format: (?:html|js)

which is exactly the route which is applied to our template (you should already have it; in fact all you have to do is to modify the actual route for “something” action, to accept also sf_format:js.

Then, put all your javascript code into a file called exactly as the template, but with .js addition (example: templates/somethingSuccess.js.php)

If you have suggestions, comments or similiar, send me a message on the email address indicated on the bottom of the page (sorry, no blog here :P)

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