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DELUGE - trick client identity


If you use Deluge as a preferred application for torrents, you might be in need at some point to trick client identification to tracker, in order to still connect to those trackers who have a “whitelist” applications (without Deluge, of course :) )

Because Deluge is a python application, the modifications can be done on the fly, very easily using a simple text editor.


Identify for deluge (now version 1.2). This is in ubuntu distro at /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/deluge/core/ for example.

Hack the file

class Core(component.Component):
    def __init__(self, listen_interface=None):
        version = [3, 1, 1, 0] # this line is added
        ##self.session = lt.session(lt.fingerprint("DE", *version), flags=0) # this is commented out
        self.session = lt.session(lt.fingerprint("AZ", *version), flags=0) # this identifies our Deluge as Azureus
        # Set the user agent
        self.settings = lt.session_settings() 
        ##self.settings.user_agent = "Deluge %s" % deluge.common.get_version() # this is commented out
        self.settings.user_agent = "Azureus" # # this identifies our Deluge as Azureus

Check here for a list with client names and codes. Check also how to KTorrent - trick client identity

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